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Friday, February 19, 2010


320 KBPS

Compared to the two previous Marcoeur posts here at Moodswings, "Plusieurs Cas de Figure" may come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with Albert's evolution through the years. True enough, it would be quite worrying if a 2001 release sounded exactly like one from 1976 or 1978 and, indeed, this album may have been from a different artist or, at least, from another life of the same artist. Of course, Albert's wacky humour is still here but the music is more relaxed and... accessible. Not to say "Plusieurs Cas de Figure" is for every set of ears, it surely is not, but, for those of us able to stomach the weirdest avant-garde, the most extreme noise barrages it almost sound like Bon Jovi does to a heavy metal fan. That said, Marcoeur's art still bears a real artistic ambition too few French artists diplay and "Plusieurs Cas de Figure" shows that perfectly. If one would want to enter Albert's world, this album would be the easier way to do so.

1. Ulysse et Linus
2. Anne chez elle
3. de Pierre à Jean-Paul
4. Le pyjama
5. Mon petit neveu
6. B.B.
7. L’argent des gens
8. Que c’est beau !
9. Album de photos
10. Lady Di
11. Robert et les insectes
12. Ulla, Lula, Lola
13. Eddie

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

VBR, please please please. 320CBR is a waste of space, especially for such great albums...

But anyway, thanks for your work!