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Saturday, February 6, 2010


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Channeling Serge Gainsbourg through the lens of Hassidic porn and the loving erection of the soul, Pissuk Rachav is the bastard child of Holy Land poetic visions and Brahmachari Circus Music. Marimba, ney, theremin, drums and voice weave a remarkably original and hilariously serious musical universe that seems so perfect one wonders why it has never happened before. French Israeli Jeremy Fogel is an instant superstar, styled in the mold of his hero Serge Gainsbourg. In their own words "perambulations through the existential crisis experienced by post-menopause and suddenly somewhat melancholic Bruria heroine. We would advise all listeners to work out their own salvation with diligence and would like to dedicate all we say, write, sing, play or do to the eternal landlord of the soul." Who knew? This is their debut CD, and it is a must hear for all interested in the outer realms of sanity, Jewish or otherwise! Also features avant superstars Marc Ribot and John Zorn as special guests.

1. Jesus Christ The Nazarene Runs In The Streets Of Tel Aviv Shouting Allah Hu Akbar; Invocation
2. Allenby Vagina Street
3. Holy Bond
4. A Feeling Divine
5. Taqism
6. Song Of Love
7. End Of Thought
8. The Great Shofar
9. Jerusalem
10. Blessing
11. Sweet Death Of Roses
12. The Holy Land

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