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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


320 KBPS

Norwegian indie band who got its name from a Russ Meyers film with quite a handful of 70s influences in their music. Motorpsycho does not contain itself to one genre but take the best of 70s rock sound to update it to a more modern form. It sometimes is very psychedelic and spacey, sometimes rooted in the early heavy metal sound (Blue Cheer, etc.) with a twist of pop to spice it up a bit. It sure is not Motorpsycho's finest opus (I'd personally go with Let Them Eat Cake) but has enough strong compositions such as "Walking on the Water", "Like Always", "Starmelt/Lovelight", and a few more, to please the most choosy indie rock lovers. All in all, this is a good adventurous album for a band that had yet to refine its compositional chops but still rocks pretty well and, as retro act goes, they kick most of the other lad's asses on "Angels and Daemons at Play."

1. Sideway Spiral I
2. Walking On The Water
3. Heartattack Mac
4. Pills, Powders & Passionplays (Miss Mitchell In The Ladies Room)
5. In The Family
6. Un Chien D'Espace
7. Sideway Spiral II
8. Like Always
9. Stalemate
10. Starmelt/Lovelight
11. Timothy's Monster

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