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Thursday, February 25, 2010


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A newcomer in the French scene, Hindi Zahra signed to the prestigious Blue Note label which is quite an accomplishment for someone that new to the music business and heading from France.
On Handmade, Hindi mixes jazz, soul and folk in a hybrid which never sound forced or opportunist. She's not trying to impress anyone, just to get the best out of each of her compositions and succeeds at that. Handmade, an album that bears its title well as it was mostly recorded at home, is the strong reflection of a confident woman who does not forget to be feminine and shows it her music.
Versatile, superbly crafted and very endearing Handmade is the first great album of 2010.

1. Beautiful Tango
2. Oursoul
3. Fascination
4. Set Me Free
5. Kiss & Thrills
6. At The Same Time
7. Imik Si Mik
8. Stand Up
9. Music
10. Don't Forget
11. Old Friends

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