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Saturday, February 20, 2010


320 KBPS

Walter Trout has been a fixture on the electric-blues scene for years, but many of his later albums are inconsistent. The playing is always vintage Trout, but on virtually everything in the last decade there are peaks and valleys. If you never heard the original Walter Trout Band lineup on "Telin' Stories", you have missed the genesis of the artist. It's the cradle of his rock, and this CD kicks from beginning to end. Each song is completely different from the next, at least for a blues rock record, and there's no gristle in this meat. Solid blues with power and believability, opening to closing. Highly recommended.

1. I Can Tell
2. Tremble
3. Wanna See the Morning
4. I Need to Belong to Someone
5. Runnin' Blues
6. On the Rise
7. Time for Movin' On
8. Head Hung Down
9. Please Don't Go
10. Tellin' Stories
11. Somebody's Cryin'
12. Take Care of Yo' Business

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