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Saturday, February 6, 2010


POLLEN (1976)
320 KBPS

POLLEN were another fantastic 70's Quebecois (French Canadian) progressive rock abnd who managed to release one fantastic symphonic gem. Without a question this is one of my all time favourite albums from Canada's 70's scene. Like most of the Quebecois bands, the recipe is a mizture of rich melodies, symphonic overtones and veins of deep originality. POLLEN mixed deep tonal analog keyboards with great guitar and a solid combo of bass and drum interplay. Vocals are sung in French and offer some great expressionism and character. Hard to peg this one down exactly but one might draw allusions to a mix of classic GENESIS, NEKTAR and ELOY. For those who love lush yet fluid and ever changing rhythmic progressive rock will deeply love this album... it's a 10 out of 10 kids!

1. Vieux corps de vie d´ange
2. L´étoile
3. L´indien
4. Tout l´temps
5. Vivre la mort
6. La femme ailée

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elprofesional said...

I want more Pollen!!!