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Monday, February 15, 2010

KLIMT 1918

KLIMT 1918
320 KBPS

The best way I can describe this band is to think of Explosions in the Sky, only with a fantastic vocalist.
Imagine the most inspiring U2 song you've ever heard, now blend that with harder hitting drums, fast, major key, tremolo picked guitars and one excellent singer and you're thinking of Klimt 1918. I am now and forever will be in love with this band. They sound like the happiest moment of your life turned up to 11. Listening to these guys makes me feel like I'm 17 and in love for the first time.
This CD in particular has a really epic, cinematic quality that would sound great as a soundtrack to a sports drama or a big, epic romance. It's like a story that starts with a lot of pain and sorrow, but somehow manages to end in the best way possible without being cheesy at all.
If you're a fan of the aforementioned bands or just all out beautiful, uplifting, inspirational music, you should most definitely get this album. I hope you fall in love with it like I did. Klimt 1918 deserve a lot more exposure than they're getting.

1. The Breathtaking Days (via lactea)
2. Skygazer
3. Ghost of a Tape Listener
4. The Graduate
5. Just an Interlude in Your Life
6. Just in Case We'll Never Meet Again
7. Suspense Music
8. Disco Awayness
9. Atget
10. All Summer Long
11. True Love Is the Oldest Fear

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