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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


320 KBPS

Some people commented that the music of The Alan Parsons Project started with a heavy influence of Pink Floyd through its debut album "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" and it evolved further. On this album you would hardly find any kind of Floyd influence because as far as I know there had been nothing about Floyd which had consistent beats like The APP music. But that's again, people's perception.
This album is more on pop than any category of music but it's not bad at all even though it's not the best of The Project albums. It is a continuation of "Ammonia Avenue", its predecessor. Some songs were written during the same period as "Ammonia Avenue" and "Vulture Culture" was released shortly after "Ammonia Avenue". "Let's Talk About Me" is an energetic opener in rock style with good vocal line. Nothing is interesting about the second track "Separate Lives" except its acoustic guitar fills which augment the vocal line. "Days Are Numbers" is another good track to enjoy. The rest of the tracks represent typical pop-rock orientated music of The Alan Parsons Project.
It's a good album even though it's not essential and not the Project's best. For those of you who enjoy slow rock with pop touch you might like this album.

1. Let's Talk About Me
2. Separate Lives
3. Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)
4. Sooner Or Later
5. Vulture Culture
6. Hawkeye
7. Somebody Out There
8. The Same Old Sun
Bonus tracks
9. No Answers Only Questions (Final Version)
10. Separate Lives (Alternate Mix)
11. Hawkeye (Demo)
12. The Naked Vulture
13. No Answers Only Questions (The First Attempt)

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