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Friday, February 12, 2010


MOMENT (2001)
320 KBPS

Whatever you're going to call these 7 songs, it will be anything but average. This is not just an-other trendy emo-screamo-hardcore band. El colectivo TIDAL manages to ban 30 minutes of music on this disc in a blend so unique and touching that you can't just ignore it. The mixture makes this so special. Calm parts reminding of lying on a lonely beach in the Caribbean are interrupted by nervously driving riffs, and from time to time the vocalist starts to sing and the guitars play melodies so urgent and touching that you'll be left entirely stripped and exhausted after listening. All bands you could come up with as comparisons could never even closely describe the complexity of this piece of music. That said, if you like the bands that created the genre of Emo-HC in the mid 90s, and those with the Spock haircuts, you shall like this too.

1. A Dancer's Smile
2. Elcol.
3. Hunger Trotz & Lüge
4. Kälte
5. Moment
6. The Cycle
7. We Are Out Of Step

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