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Saturday, February 20, 2010


SKIN (1993)
320 KBPS

Great bands release great debut albums and Skin's debut is no exception to the rule. From the killer opener 'Money' to teh soulfull closer 'Wings of an Angel', the quality never lets up. The rhythm section of Andy Robbins (bass) and Dicki Fliszar (drums) combine to form a solid base for Myke Gray's versatile guitar work. Over all this is Nev MacDonald's bluesy, soulfull voice that wrings every drop of emotion from the great songs like 'Shine Your Light', 'Colourblind' and 'Which are the Tears'. All ofthe elements shine under the professional sheen provided by Keith Olsen's production which never dilutes the underlying strength and power of the band.
Highlights? The album is a highlight in itself but, if forced to choose, it would have to be the powerhouse rendition of 'House of Love', the good-time singalong of 'Look But Don't Touch' and the sublime 'Tower of Strength'. Anyway, if you're into beautifully crafted bluesy hard rock, this one's a winner.

1. Money
2. Shine Your Light
3. House Of Love
4. Colour Blind
5. Which Are The Tears
6. Look But Don't Touch
7. Nightsong
8. Tower Of Strength
9. Revolution
10. Raised On Radio
11. Wings Of An Angel

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