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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


LIBIDO (2006)
320 KBPS

For her 16th album, Brigitte Fontaine took inspiration from Libertine novelists of the XVIIIth Century and the result displayed on "Libido" combines both wickedness and gravity in a music that Mrs. Fontaine defines herself as "baroque’n’roll".
More focused than "Kékéland", an album which showed many outside collaborators (Noir Désir, Sonic Youth, Loo & Placido…), more balanced than "Rue Saint Louis en l'Ile", released in 2004, "Libido" is also a more homogeneous album. Le musical couple she forms with Areski Belkacem has tightened up its craft and with baroque orchestrations, beautiful string-works, piano and harpsichord, it's a delight to the ear.
In fine, it gives us an album of a woman who's not afraid to claim she likes men even though she only loves one: Areski Belkacem, and a daring yet beautiful listening experience.

1. Château Intérieur
2. La Metro
3. Cul Béni
4. Elvire
5. La Nacre Et Le Porphyre
6. Barbe A Papa
7. Mendelssohn
8. Les Babas
9. Ex Paradis
10. La Viande
11. Mister Mystère
12. Noces

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