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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


320 KBPS

This CD is an intensely packed popourri of urban atmosphere, weather/seasons/time as well as feelings of love, sadness and anxiety, loneliness and belongingness juxtaposed. At times dramatic but not overweeningly so, the album is finely produced and the musical transitions flow very well together without relying too much on mechanic, or non-organic if you will, elements. It has silence.
The songs inspire creativity and contemplative modes and the cherries of the cake are for me the almost movingly soulful "Let's Go Out Tonight" that reminds one of dawn, or city after the rain, or two strangers or lovers meeting, and "This Love" that captures the feeling of ascendancy and determination, even sacrifice but also frustration experienced in love. Early Tangerine Dream meets Delirium and Enigma with an orchestra plus some other "humane" elements. Great stuff, much recommended.

1. Weather Storm
2. This Love
3. Sly II
4. After the Storm
5. Laura's Theme
6. My Father
7. Balcony Scene
8. Rise
9. Glasgow
10. Let's Go Out Tonight
11. Childhood
12. Hymn

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