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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


320 KBPS

After the commercial failure that 1000 Vies was, mosty because of the electronic textures he used that did not please his audience, the Swiss singer/songwriter Stephan Eicher came back with an album which gives us a solid return to the sound developped in his most successful opuses, 1991's Engleberg and 1993's Carcassonne. Written in Brittany, recorded in Engelberg and mixed in London with Daniel Lanois' collaborator Malcom Burn, Louanges is a delight for Stephan's fans. With its usual mix of pop, rock, chanson and folk, this album works from start to finish. Whatsmore, Philippe Djian's everyday poetry still fits Eicher's songwriting like a glove. Put it like that, Louanges is a very nice album those familiar with the man's art will delightfully consume and a good introduction for anyone who haven't yet heard what he is capable of.

1. Ce peu d'amour
2. Hell's kitchen
3. Démon
4. Sans vouloir te commander
5. Si douces
6. Louanges
7. La fin du monde
8. Le même nez
9. Clear my throat
10. Venez danser
11. Campari soda
12. Going home

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