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Friday, February 12, 2010


320 KBPS

On "Armes & Cycles", the last Albert Marcoeur to be released in the demented era that were the 70's and last album from this one of a kind artist before a 5 years long silence, the artist still digs the same hole while not forgetting how important it is for an artist to evolve. Returning with the same musicians that helped him craft his tasteful second album, 1976's "Album à Colorier," "Armes & Cycles" sees albert sticking to the "chanson" format still retaining his quirky way to do things. Indeed, A&C is an easier album to "get", mainly because the music is more evident (and accessorily more accessible) but don't get me wrong, this is not for every pair of ears. As it happens, Marcoeur is still very much rooted in some kind of Dadaist avant-garde (so much that assimilating him to the Rock in Opposition scene is almost an insult to his maverick talent) and, believe me, we wouldn't want anything else from France's most unique artist!

1. Ici
2. Emploi du temps
3. La dame qui est assise à côté de moi
4. Linge sale
5. Histoire d'offrir
6. Ampoule grillée
7. Réveil
8. Son sac
9. Micheline
10. Bonjour Monsieur Monsieur

1 comment:

dajo said...

Merci de nous redonner du grand Albert et du coeur à l'ouvrage.