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Saturday, February 6, 2010


320 KBPS

Forming out of the ashes of Chambery-based band Cargo Culte and successfully merging 60s garage rock with the sweatiest, rockiest kind of rhythm'n'blues throwing some pop hooks for good measure, The Slow Slushy Boys were a French band who created quite an impression in the early 90s indie scene. With "Pretty Monster", their second album on the Larsen label, they managed to refine the sound they aptly developped on their debut, "Get Crazy!". They even got positive reviews outside of France and appeared on numerous compilations in Canada, Italy, Australia, Germany, Spain, and even in the US which was quite an accomplishment in a time when French bands were, at best, regarded as a silly and cheesy curiosity. They since had a long and fruitful career though, their last production dating from 2005, the bands seems to have called it quits. Yet, here's an entertaining and beautifully crafted retro-album those in love with 60s sound will not want to miss. Enjoy.

1. Fakes
2. Don't turn me around
3. Teachers
4. Time's wheel
5. Pretty monster
6. Learnin' to go back
7. Don't bamboozle me!
8. On the turnstile
9. Victory
10. Clean out your house
11. Lester Bangs

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