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Monday, February 8, 2010


320 KBPS

After a debut album (20ème Siècle, 1998) which met critical success but couldn't find many people to buy iy, Toulouse born Pierre Rougean (aka Statics) returned with a new album displaying more of the same French pop composition-wise with a slight change in its sound thanks to the contribution of producer Daniel Presley (Breeders, Spain, Faith No More) bringing a slightly more muscular approach to Pierre's bittersweet compositions. The result is something not to dissimilar from Daho's best though Rougean's voice has more strength and fits the rockier approach quite nicely.
Those who like Daho, Les Vanlentins, Les Innocents and French pop will be well advised to lay their ears on "Ce Soir Je Rêve" which remains, to this day, Pierre's final opus. Quite a shame when so much promise was shown.

1. Rester Ici
2. L'Homme
3. Un Point C'Est Tout
4. Mon Coeur
5. Seul
6. Delphine's Story
7. Radio Magyar
8. La Foudre
9. Même Une Seconde
10. Ton Ennemi
11. Véra
12. Ca Ne Me Ressemble Pas

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