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Thursday, February 11, 2010


320 KBPS

The textbook definition of the term `ear candy', Jason Falkner's follow-up to his formal solo debut 'presents Author Unknown' is another layered sonic treat that benefits greatly from the crystalline production of Radiohead and Beck collaborator Nigel Godrich. 'Can You Still Feel' doesn't break any new ground, however. In fact, like it's predecessor, it owes a great debt to the early '70s output of that other multi-intrumentalist and pop whiz, Todd Rundgren. That's not to say that Falkner is a slavish imitator--the man's just proud of his influences and wears them accordingly.
This is pop music made by a rocker with a keen sense of melody and arrangement, the likes of which are seldom heard on radio or MTV. Don't deprive yourself of it just because clueless, tone-deaf, bought-and-paid-for program directors choose to look the other way. Cheers!

1. The Invitation
2. Author Unknown
3. Revelation
4. My Lucky Day
5. Holiday
6. Eloquence
7. I Already Know
8. See You Again
9. Honey
10. The Plan
11. All God's Creatures
12. Good Night Sweet Night

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Thanks a lot....great post.
Cheers Danny.