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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


PEUH! (1996)
320 KBPS

While they were intensively touring, setting the recordings for their own label (Sriracha Rose), the Parisian proto-metalcore band Lofofora recorded this tasty second album. I won't comment long on this bad boy, if you want something that hits hard while still displaying melodies and fun, Peuh! is not to be missed! While their debut album was sometimes clumsy, here, all seems to fall into place. The riffs are aggressive but manage to build on nicely on the melodies and, with the collaboration with Ekova for a long and breathtaking piece of work, a Berurier Noir cover (Vive le Feu) and a top notch production, Peuh! has everything to content and entertain the listener. A must hear.

1. Jazz Trash Assassin
2. La Chute
3. Amnes' History
4. Envie de Tuer
5. Mental Urbain
6. Bon à Rien
7. Macho Blues
8. Intox Populi
9. Arrache
10. Le Pendu
11. Vice et Rale
12. Vive le Feu
13. Shiva Funk Special Ekova Flavour (feat. Ekova)

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