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Friday, February 5, 2010


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ALBERT MARCOEUR, French multi-instrumentalist/composer, was born on December 12 1947, in Dijon, France. While embracing the 'avant-garde' in the true sense on of the word, Marcoeur's compositions took a tight but balanced approach, giving even the most absurd noises a homely feel. Smitten with humour, Marcoeur has more than once been hailed the French reply to Zappa (though less prolific). Historically his influence cannot be denied.
Marcoeur's second album would have you believe it's got a lot to do with his debut, because the artwork is related to its predecessor. But life is not so easy! Yes indeed we're still in Marcoeur's improbable and whacky world of Looserland, but the personnel is completely different, even down to the technician, while retaining the same recording facility. The tracks are also much shorter on the average, pushing the interplay to smaller songs that emphasize the goofy atmosphere rather than privilege instrumental interplay, even if it doesn't alter Marcoeur's ability to write weird but complex stuff, although Zappa 's comparison might be a bit over-done. Still, Marcoeur will please the more curious and, even if you don't understand the language, it's a weird delight too few have heard about.
To buy the albums from this one of the kind artist go to:

1. Monsieur Lépousse
2. Le Fugitif
3. Le nécessaire à chaussures
4. Le Père Grimoire
5. Doctrine
6. Le jus d'abricot
7. La cueillette des noix
8. Elle était belle
9. Fermez la porte
10. Là D'dans
11. Ouvre toi


Majus said...

Complètement dingue! An excellent album and an excellent blog! Would you have "Travaux Pratiques"? Keep up the good work!

Mr Moodswings said...

Sorry, I don't. But I think I can find it.
Stay tuned and you might be up for a nice surprise.

Janov Pelorat said...

Album bien délirant. Une sorte de père spirituel de Didier Super (pour le côté provoc), grandement matiné d'influences Franck Zappa. Étonnant pour l'époque.

Mr Moodswings said...

Didier Super ? O_O
Je déteste Didier Super personnellement donc, en toute logique, je nie cette filiation.
Mais je vois ce que tu veux dire cependant et il est vrai qu'Albert est un pro du nonsens.

aceofspace said...

me too je supporte mal didier super.En live ok , mais a quoi bon faire des disques.
par contre je n'arrive pas a trouver l'album eponyme "albert marcoeur"
si tu l'as et que tu as l'intention de le poster, merci beaucoup!!!