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Friday, February 12, 2010


320 KBPS

No, it's not Alice in Chains, but it's not supposed to be. Boggy Depot has a much softer sound than AIC and it's not nearly as downbeat; many songs on the album border on country western, particularly with Cantrell's style of singing. Not every track is perfect, but Boggy Depot is still superior to AIC's Tripod and Cantrell's own overrated follow-up Degradation Trip.
Standout tracks include Dickeye, My Song, Between, and the absolutely brilliant Hurt a Long Time, and they are supplemented by other good tracks such as Cut You In, Settling Down, Jesus Hands, and Devil By His Side. One of the benefits of Boggy Depot is the variety of music, which ranges from hard rock to country to psychedelic. A couple of the songs don't work, but as an album, Boggy Depot is as good as any AIC album, and certainly one of the best albums of the late 90s.

1. Dickeye
2. Cut You In
3. My Song
4. Settling Down
5. Breaks My Back
6. Jesus Hands
7. Devil By His Side
8. Keep The Light On
9. Satisfy
10. Hurt A Long Time
11. Between
12. Cold Piece

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