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Monday, February 1, 2010


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BLOODY KISSES established Type O Negative as one of the biggest goth-type hard rock groups of all time. While showcasing epic songs and vampiric vocals, KISSES brought Type O into the spotlight, earning them a rabid fanbase and winning some critics over in impressive fashion. OCTOBER RUST turns up the melodic elements of Type O Negative, while the hard thrash mostly takes a backseat here, but make no mistake...this is still a beautifully crafted metal monster.
The two opening tracks, one untitled the other "Bad Ground" are meant to be sarcastic, as they explain on track #2. But "Love You To Death" is quite possibly one of the most beautiful love ballads Type O has ever written, and its the more melodic metal that you're likely to find throughout the album. Highlights include the stomping cover of "Cinnamon Girl"; the incessantly catchy dirge of "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend"; the semi-creepy haunt of "Haunted"; and the beautiful yet transparently sick "Wolf Moon", which is an ode to a woman's monthly friend crossed with a little lycanthropic element. "Die With Me" is probably the lightest song Type O have committed to album, but it's got some clever and funny lyrics, some sweet but also darkly sarcastic. "In Praise of Bacchus" features a guest vocal spot from Pist-On's princess Valium, and the duet with her and Peter is quite good.
Peter was quoted as saying that OCTOBER RUST would showcase a "more melodic side" of Type O Negative. Throughout most of the album, it is indeed a more melodic and toned down record, emphasizing more melody over thrash and dark metal. While this album might not be to everyone's liking, OCTOBER RUST is the "melodic" side of Type O Negative.

1. Bad Ground
2. Intro (untitled)
3. Love You to Death
4. Be My Druidess
5. Green Man
6. Red Water (Christmas Mourning)
7. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
8. Die With Me
9. Burnt Flowers Fallen
10. In Praise of Bacchus
11. Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young Cover)
12. The Glorious Liberation of the People's Technocratic Republic of Vinnland by the Combined Forces of the United Territories of Europa
13. Wolf Moon [Including Zoanthropic Paranoia]
14. Haunted
15. Outro (untitled)


t-o-n said...

I love October Rust. Type O Negative was really firing on all cylinders on that album, and I'm still dumbfounded at how bad thier output has been ever since. For a few years in the mid and late 90s, that was a very special band, making some very special music. Actually been trying to draft something about them for some time now....

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Clint said...