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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


320 KBPS

I stumbled upon this cd in my collection a few weeks back and had no idea what it was or that I had it. It probably had good reviews when it came out so that I bought it but didn't appeal me that much so that it went on the shelf, collecting dust. I found close to no information about the band on the internet and can't provide you with much except that it displays a convincing and entertaining mix of electronica, indie rock and dub that's not too dissimilar from Pop Will Eat Itself, Xcnn or Underworld. It was produced by Neil McLellan who also worked on the Prodigy's Music for the Jilted Generation as well as with Carl Cox or Terrorvision. It also has Adrian Sherwood handling the sound on one track (Asylum).
All in all, this is not the album of the century, not even the album of the year it was produced in but much better than many other bands who managed way more success than Bedlam Ago Go with a similar formula. So, if you're into indie electronica that sounds typically late 90s, this one worth a try.

1. Northern Nights
2. Aimy
3. Paranoid
4. Flat 29
5. Demons In The Reefa
6. Heroin
7. Asylum
8. Season No.5
9. When The Penny Drops
10. Meeting Of The Minds
11. My So Called Life (Acoustic Version)


Wolle, das wahnwitzige Wollknäuel von Welt said...

thanks for the very useful information on this release. much appreciated!

steefpeef said...

Stand out track Flat 29 has a Velvet Underground sample -> The Gift