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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


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SLOCHE were a 70's prog fusion band from Quebec Canada who left behind 2 incredible albums of the highest calibre. Frozen somewhere in the fusion/prog vein "Stadacone" features standout musicianship and sophisticated song writing. Instrumentally this album is unforgettable with great 70's analog keyboards (Hammond B3, Mini-moog, clavinet and piano), great soaring guitar, bass and drum interplay. "Stadacone" is essentially an instrumental album with a bit of talking and chanting throughout. Musically these guys were awesome and really fall in the range of classic GENESIS, YES, GENTLE GIANT and The MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA. The album also features 2 great epic tracks with "Stadacone" and "Isacaaron" each over 10 mins giving the songs lots of room to explore. Both SLOCHE albums are to kill for and are very much essential in your collection.

1. Stadaconé
2. Le Cosmophile
3. Il Faut Sauver Barbara
4. Ad Hoc
5. La 'Baloune' de Varenkurtel au Zythogala
6. Isacaaron (Le Démon Des Choses Sexuelles)

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