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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


320 KBPS

Former Morcheeba vocalist Skye returns with more of the Folk/Soul/Trip Hop style that made her debut "Mind how you go" such an eclectic delight. That album had songs like "Love show' (which was featured on Grays Anatomy) and a killer remake of Gorillaz "Feel good inc" (which made theirs sound like it was a cover of hers). "Keeping secrets" is more of the same; Delicate guitars, interesting drum patterns and electronic flourishes perfectly showcasing the cerebral lyrics she sings and that soft ethereal voice that can be likened to a lark scaling glacial peaks.
Opening is the ambient and incredibly melodic "I believe" with lucullan arrangements which sets the tone for most of the 10 cuts on the CD. "Boo hoo" alternates between melancholic and a bit jaunty, while the stunning "Not broken" (with lyrics of self belief) is largely acoustic.
The dark and mysterious "Monsters demons" is made that more ominous by skittery beats and fuzzy guitars ("Monsters, demons, we give them wings, and we teach them to fly" she sings sensuously), while "Clocks to stop" has a Waltz-like sensibility (and Skye singing "Halfway to heaven, do a 180 for hell"). Love those? You'll love the trio of "Wrong alright", the dreamy "Maybe to Spain" (with gently marching beats) and closing cut "Exhale" (with beautiful harmonies and reverbing guitars).
Not everything is soft and ethereal though, "The shape I'm in" is sunny Pop, as is the bouncy "Almost killed me" (which reminds me somewhat of The Cure). An enchanting CD.

1. I Believe
2. Boo Hoo
3. Not Broken
4. The Shape I'm In
5. Monsters Demons
6. Clock To Stop
7. Almost Killed Me
8. Wrong Alright
9. Maybe To Spain
10. Exhale

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